Chugging away & making some of my favorite chapters!

I've been less frequent about the dev log, but still haven't missed a day of updating Stream of Pretentiousness. Since the last post I've made some updates that were really cool for me to make, and I think some of the coolest ones yet. I'm getting much stronger and faster with Twine, and making huge progress in my mental attitude towards making experimental work, and powering through the fears of failure and embarrassment which I think might never go away!

So I'm hitting basically all of my goals with the project. After I wrap the first month, I'll be taking a break for at least 2 weeks before starting again for another month. I'm going to continue the project in volumes of ~30 entries that I'll release separately. After each month-long volume I'll take a break and also fix errors, freshen things up, and do a final release of the past volume. This first volume will stay free forever, but future ones may have a minimum price (at least for early access throughout the month of writing).

Thoughts/questions/concerns are welcome!


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Jul 22, 2017

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